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Sales: 708-572-7490
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Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services near Chicago, IL


Check Your Battery! 

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, let’s consider the battery the lungs. It provides power to a number of components, whether your engine is running or not, ranging from your starter to your headlights. It’s one of the many reasons we offer battery maintenance and replacement services near Chicago, IL, because whether you accidentally left your headlights on all day or your battery is coming to the end of its lifespan, it’s something you’ll need repaired pronto. When that time comes, give us at Kelly Nissan a call. We’ll get you taken care of.

First, we’ll start with a diagnosis. There are several causes for car batteries not functioning properly, including having dirty battery terminals. Just like sometimes it’s not the electronic device that has the problem, but the wall outlet, this may be the cause of your battery troubles. If that’s the case, not only will we clean off the corrosion, we’ll take precautions to guard against further corrosion problems. Battery cable ends aren’t something you may think about much, but it’s one of the first places we start if a terminal cleaning isn’t needed. The battery cable transmits the power emitted from the source to the terminal, so it’s a simple second part to check.

It may sound like getting your battery maintenance and replacement services near Chicago, IL, can get lengthy, but our technicians are highly capable and efficient with their time and service. You can even find specials to make our already competitive prices even more affordable – just check underneath our Specials tab right here on our website for further information. 


Once we’ve exhausted all other options, we may come to the conclusion that your vehicle is in need of a new battery. Not to fret, it won’t add much more time onto your appointment! We’ll swap out your battery and safely recycle the old one. We’ll do tests on the new battery before and after installation so you can rest assured that your new battery was installed properly. Typically, a battery lasts between three to five years, depending on the amount of usage your vehicle gets. We also recommend coming in for your regular maintenance – thanks to our multi-point inspections, we frequently catch problems early, which proves less costly and more time efficient!

Give Kelly Nissan a call at 708-499-1000 and schedule an appointment for your battery maintenance and replacement services near Chicago, IL. Our knowledgeable technicians, top-notch service, and comfortable dealership make us an ideal location to be your regular maintenance provider!